Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Puerto Valarta

Just after that last post I started to feel good just as quickly as it came on, and so we headed off the boat and into Puerto Valarta. This has to be the best port of them all. It’s greener and less industrial than Mazatlan and has much more character than Cabo San Lucas.

We spent the day with a family of friends from SLC and their kids (Guy: G & G ;-)). We took the kids to the beach. Though the water was still a bit cold, our boys love the ocean.

Here I’m building a stingray out of Alan, as instructed:
Here's Rob risking life and limb:

After the kids tired out, I gladly volunteered to take them back to the boat to rest while my mom schooled Rob on bartering; she’s good but I’d rather not argue over the price of Chicklets.

It has simply been a beautiful day, and now our boys are asleep and I’m off to do one of my favorite things on these cruises. I’ll put my ipod on some pondering music and walk the deck a couple times before bed. I can just feel myself adsorbing the great atmosphere, of knowing my boys had a fun day, they’re sleeping soundly with their dad just below, along with hundreds of other such families. As I wrote on the last cruise; nothing makes equity for our families feel more inevitable, in time, than coming here.

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