Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will Have Been Gone

Man, this is going to sound like I’m always off gallivanting about, but it is the season for it, right? Gallivanting season?

Anyway, I’ll be gone for a while. Java was nice enough to do it while on her trip, and so I guess I should try to drop back in while gone and near one of those internets, and I will.

Hey, while I’m gone, maybe you could help a guy out? Once I get back we’ll have to put on our Easter party again, and I’ve been so busy I don’t have my usual puzzles ready. I’m thinking on repeating the word game from a couple years ago that I posted here. Does anyone have any good niece- and nephew-frustrating ideas?


Molly Sue said...

LOVE the blog, LOVE the puzzle idea, LOVE that you live in SLC, and I so wish I had puzzle ideas!! I'm a former preschool teacher, you'd think this would be a breeze!!

Come visit my neck of the woods if you get a chance!


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