Friday, March 28, 2008

I Get My Comeuppance

Had a little outpatient surgery today. I'm fine and much more alert than I am up there, in my Versed induced haze.

I just got a slight face lift, and some silicon muscle implants in my pecks and biceps. You know, to look hot. Okay, okay, you're right. I'd never need that, but I'm fond of the gay stereotype :-).

Nah, an observer may not be able to tell by my prolific writing and occupation, but I’ve had to use voice recognition software off and on for about a decade now, for the fact that my carpel tunnel is too small. Or maybe my arm tendons are excessively manly in their diameter? Either way, once I finished my doctorate I decided to get that little annoyance fixed and put it off until after our cruise. The surgery was this morning.

Piece of cake. (he says while his hand is still chemically numb)
Apparently I still can, and the doctor specifically told me to type, to keep the fingers moving as soon as I got home , and to not baby it; so here I am.

Should be interesting, though, to see what happens when the numbness leaves and how tomorrow’s late Easter party goes.

Speaking of which, it’s almost Friday night and no solutions?! I think some of you are on Rob's side here (ahem, Craig). Anyone got a couple? Half? Which ones did you get Java? There’s still time for me to ease up on it; maybe some need hints?

Nevertheless, I may have to face the fact that I am indeed an Easter puzzle sadist.

Remember how I said I’d make the gold egg easy this year? Well I did, but… I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a surefire joke. I’m going to play off their expectations from years past and give them this paper first:

I’ll wait a second or two, before I explain that the Morse code tells them as much, and the rest of the paper is just nonsense :-).

In actuality the first event is simply a paper airplane flight distance competition, so they’ll needed a piece of paper anyway, right? Right? I can’t help it if they assume too much by what’s on the scratch paper handed out! And what uncle worth the title doesn’t rib his nieces and nephews a bit?

*sigh*, I deserved that surgery ;-).

The boys get home soon from school. What’s going to be tough is not being able to lift them for a while. I was just thinking the other day how quickly the day is coming when they’ll be too big to want up, and now I'm out of lifting for a week.

Still, I know Alan will love my cool bandage :-).


[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

That pic of you in the hospital bed looks rather more serious than a little wrist surgery.

For your information I did figure out some of your insane little puzzles, but to expect anyone to get them all in any reasonable amount of time is just ridiculous!

And who the hell actually knows morse code?

Rob's right - you're just evil! You remind me of my dad in that respect, with your crazy puzzles.

Java said...

Scot, check your email...

Scot said...

That pic of you in the hospital bed looks rather more serious than a little wrist surgery.

I'd look better if the nurse, the same nurse who insisted that I undressed completely and into those immodest robes for a surgery during which the bulk on me could have been in an entirely different room, didn't miss the vein on my other, previously good hand twice!

Still, don’t think I wont play this up for all I can. Rob has already made me those brownies he did when you came over :-).

"And who the hell actually knows morse code? "

lol, well I wasn't going to let them stew for more than a second or two; I just needed something that looked impossible.

Java, ah thank you, I will.

Let me see if I can make it more workable with hints.

[kɹeɪ̯g̊] said...

Hints would be good.

Scot said...

Hey, Java got a bunch! Even your guesses are right.

Okay, I numbered them here.

Would it be fair if I gave these clues (don’t read if you like to do such things yourself):

1. A symbol from the Merchant of Venice.
2. It’s a secret.
3. A Greek would get it.
4. The h isn’t touching the ground.
5. An emoticon and a synonym.
6. The parts aren’t necessarily added in that order.
7. How many are there?
8. It’s not a proper noun.
9. Too easy to see for a clue.
10. I have this with milk.
11. It’s not fawning, but it is desirable.
12. Can lead to natural decay, if you’re not rational.
13. What your uncle wants to bring out with these annoying puzzles.
14. Done in the garden.
15. It will be elementary tomorrow.

Molly Sue said...

Hope you're feeling better. I said I LOVE the puzzles, not that I had the intellect to solve them! Nor the compunction. You should put some together for me for next Easter...the prize could be a Choclate Jesus!! I wonder if you eat his head first?....sick, sick sense of humor, I know.

Mr. Fob said...

So you only had to do one wrist? I had a friend who had to do both and she was miserable for weeks. At least you'll only be half-miserable.