Sunday, March 30, 2008

Late Easter

Late Easter went great. Of course, most of my family loved the race more than the puzzles; most, some have their uncle’s strange proclivities. The best was the pie eating contest. I wish I felt okay publishing pictures.

I think next year we’ll do only a team race and I’ll quit my evil ways. Afterall, to know how bad things can be between gay men and their families in this area, I feel very fortunate and should cut them some slack :-).

As for the silver egg, for those following along in rapt anticipation:

1. That’s a pound sign, of flesh. A pound of flesh.
2. That’s just between you and me.
3. Out with the old, in with the new.
4. That’s h over craft. Hovercraft.
5. A wink and a nodd, or nod.
6. Greater than the sum of its parts.
7. That’s 5 synonyms for gone, or a pentagon.
8. Easy. Capital i s t.
9. Vanishing point.
10. 200 centigrams, or two grams, which are gold. Golden Grahams.
11. It’s the negative of a dot with an e at the end, or a dote. It’s an antidote.
12. e = 2.718… so that’s sweet with two th’s. Sweet tooth.
13. The best in you.
14. Two tildes with oil. Till the soil.
15. Pb = lead, and that’s with us in the word prayer. Lead us in a prayer.


Java said...

OK, those were pretty good. Thanks for the solutions. I've only been a little crazy about it.

Glad you all had a fun party. You're right about family, though. Be thankful for healthy family relationships.

Scot said...

Oh I am.

And if you want more, I could dream them up all day long ;-).